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President Elect Donald Trump wants to repel Obamacare. What he is going to replace it with is anyone’s guess. Single payer health insurance? And I am sure the insurance companies who are struggling with trying to squeeze a profit out of low income insurance holders with government subsidies will have a say in what is happening.


Obamacare Open Enrollment

Obamacare Open enrollment period (OEP) is November 1, 2016 and ends January 31, 2017.

If you missed enrolling in a Obamacare health insurance policy by the 2017 OEP, you cannot buy Obamacare Marketplace coverage for 2017 until the next Obamacare OEP.

You can get Obamacare insurance thru the Healthcare Marketplace ONLY during Obamacare open enrollment 2017. Unless you have special circumstances.

OR, you can select to compare health insurance rates directly from major health insurance carriers any time throughout the year.

Just put in your zip code on this site: to view agents near you. FOR FREE!

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Before you buy a new or used car, check into insurance costs. Car insurance premiums are based in part on the car’s price, the cost to repair it, its overall safety record and the likelihood of theft. Many insurers offer discounts for features that reduce the risk of injuries or theft.

For most people buying car insurance is the single largest insurance expense after health insurance. Rates are high and are forever climbing, at least it seems that way. Make sure you are getting the best deal. Getting Car Insurance